Coming in the Summer 2015

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We’re a bunch of cyclists passionate about crafting affordable add-ons that will take your breath away.

WATTEAM was established by three cycling enthusiasts who recognized the need to develop a professional & affordable power meter that works on any bike – without the need for factory installation or component replacement. After years in the making, in August 2014 we introduced the world’s first add-on power meter priced below $500.

At WATTEAM, we believe cyclists on all levels can and should have it all. As a professional cyclist, you want a high-end power meter with proven technology, and consistent and accurate readings to reach peak performance. As an unsponsored cyclist and amateur athlete, you want a reliable training tool that will help you advance to your personal best, but without paying a pro price tag. POWERBEAT™ caters to all levels – with no compromise.

The company is headquartered in California.