Coming in the Summer 2015

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WATTEAM has developed a core patent-pending technology that’s pioneering the power meter industry in both compatibility and affordability. We welcome strategic partnerships with both OEMs and VARs from the cycling industry.

Cycling App Developers

POWERBEAT™ is a top-notch affordable power meter that can be fully integrated into sports and cycling apps to provide a more holistic monitoring solution for consumers. Power data complements many additional metrics – heart rate, speed, elevation, temperature and more – when trying to achieve top level performance during training and competition.

Crank & Bike Manufacturers

Bikes and cranks can be sold and distributed with the added functionality of a power meter, without making a significant impact on the retail price.

Cycling Accessories Distributors & Manufacturers

POWERBEAT™ is uniquely compatible with all cranks and road bikes, making it an ideal add-on accessory to market and bundle.

GPS Bike Computer & Smart Watch Manufacturers

A precise, affordable and universally compatible power meter is the “perfect fit” for any professional cycling computer.